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Reconnecting With Nature. A Journal

How To Connect With The Gods In A City.

Over the last two years I have seen more and more people return to the old ways, whether the pandemic and continuous lockdowns has triggered something inside of us, or maybe it was something else, I honestly don’t know, but something has happened.

One question I hear a lot is “How do I connect to the Gods and nature if I live in a city?”

One of the best ways to connect to the Gods and the nature spirits is to go out and actually be in nature.

I guess I am lucky in the respect that I am about 20 minutes walk away from the sea if I walk to the East and about 45 minutes walk away from the woods if I walk in a Northerly direction.

Now, I am no expert in this but, I do have a few things that you could try if you live in a city and want to connect with the Gods and/or nature.

Nature is everywhere. The first thing you need to realise is that nature and the Gods are everywhere. Even if you find yourself in a grey concrete jungle, nature will still be there, even if it is just in a tuft of grass poking out from the side of a path or a small bush which has forced it’s way through a wall. Nature always finds a way..

The landvaetre (nature spirits) can look after anything from a couple of blades of grass to whole acres of land and more. Even the breeze or wind that you feel on your face is nature and her air spirits. Nature is everywhere.

Air spirit or Sylph.

You also have the option of visiting a local park, if there is one that’s not too far away. One thing you could do is walk around the park and look for a tree or a bush which seems to stand out from the others, or something you just feel a connection to.

Once you have found your plant, tree rock.. what ever it is, Simply walk up to it, put your hands on it, feel it’s texture, is it smooth, rough? Is it cold or warm? After a while just sit next to it, close your eyes (if it’s safe to do so) and feel the energy of what ever it is flowing through you, down your body and out of your feet, in to the ground.

Before you leave you can always leave a small gift by what ever it is you have been sat next to, thanking them for their company and saying that you will be back again.

Now, don’t be surprised if nothing happens for the first few visits, or even longer, just think, the spirit of the plant/tree or what ever it is, your sat next to, is going to need to get to know you first, this can take a while depending on the spirit in question.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a garden or a park near by don’t stress, you could always create a small green patch by buying a few house plants and setting them together in a table or windowsill in one area of your house. If you have an alter you could have a few plants on or near it.

There is always a way to make that connection of you think outside of the box, it’s just a matter of finding something that works for you.

Good luck in your searching,

Regards Jim.

Are We Moving Into A Dystopian World?

Over the last year or so our governments have told us time and time again that they do not intend to implement a “Vaccine Passport”.
In case you are new to this world, this passport is proof that you have been vaccinated against Covid 19 and possibly it’s variants. If you can show the paperwork proves you have “had both of the jabs” as well as any boosters, be allowed to travel outside of your area and be able to go to venues and certain stores.
Yet, we have seen French police doing spot checks on people sitting in coffee shops, asking to see their papers, for proof of vaccinations, something we have not seen happen in nearly 80 years.Italy has now made getting the vaccine mandatory and are doing stop checks to make sure that it’s people have had them.
The UK government has said that you may be able to leave your area and even the country if you can show up to date paper work, showing that you have been vaccinated.
They went on to say that you will not need to show proof of vaccination to enter pubs, clubs and shops, instead it will be “left to the discretion of that business owner” as to whether they will need to see your vaccination paperwork before they allow you on their premises, we were told.
Some employers are saying that it will be mandatory for their employees to be vaccinated, failure to do so could cause them to loose their jobs, they are also saying that prospective employees, will be asked if they have had the jab and be required to provide evidence that they are up to date before they are even interviewed. This obviously does not take into consideration those who, for one reason or another can not be vaccinated, people who are pregnant or who might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients found in this “untested vaccine”. All in all, it definitely looks like the “Vaccine Passport” is going to be something you will need if you want to be able to move around freely.
When I first heard about this the first thing that came to mind was the movie Demolition Man, with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock.Thinking about it, it’s quite apt that this movie was the first thing I thought of about when hearing about what our governments have planned.
The premise of the movie is Stallone has to go to the future to catch a criminal (Wesley Snipes) who has already gone there.
On his arrival he finds himself in a Dystopian World where everything seems to be peaceful, no violence, everyone is happy and content, the police and law enforcement are there just in case, but, there is a second group of people who live underground, in the sewer systems and tunnels who are fighting for survival, they are chased down and arrested if they are seen on certain streets.The future that Stallone has gone to is a future of those with, and those without.
The world in this movie is split into two societies, those who have the freedom to do what they want, go where they want and, well you get the picture.
Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the vaccine I am, or I was for it, and have had both of “the jabs”.
My reasoning behind this is, I am asthmatic, my wife is diabetic and I have two kids DT 3 and DT 4 who are asthmatic. If I get corvid 19 then it sucks to be me but the last thing I want is to pass it on to anyone else, especially my family.

My point here is that with this “passport” as well as having our movement controlled and god knows what added to the “vaccine app” once it is rolled out here in the UK, well we are moving into an Orwellian world where our every movement logged and controlled.
I was talking about this a while ago with a few people I work with and it was pointed out that, although taking the Covid 19 vaccine is not mandatory (at thebtime of writing tjmhis article, the powers that be are putting plans into place to make life very difficult for those who do not or can not take the vaccine.
There are those who say that we have been heading to a dystopian future for a while now and this virus is just what the powers that be needed to push this agenda forward. Some even say that this virus is man made and was “accidentally” leaked from the labs in Wuhan, just a couple of miles away from the wet market where the first case was allegedly found.
If I am honest I have to agree with the idea that we are entering a new Dystopian World as for the virus originating from a lab in Wuhan. I will hold my own council on that one.
To end I would like to leave you with this thought.
At the moment there is a huge push to get “everyone” vaccinated, no it’s not mandatory but if you don’t have the paperwork to show that you have had the jab, well life could be getting.. interesting..
Let me just say that when this outbreak first started the British prime minister was wanting to go with the Herd immunity strategy, with that in mind, if 80-90% of the UK population is vaccinated, surely the other 10-20% will become immune due to herd immunity.. yes?
If that is the case then the idea if a vaccine passport has just been rendered void as the virus as well as any variants would soon fade due to the lack of viable hosts.I don’t know what you think about this but, as someone who enjoys his freedom to go to the woods, the beach, where ever he wants, when he wants, the idea of not being able to do this, or even go into certain stores to buy things my family needs, because I am not up to date with my jabs is a frightening possibly.
Just a thought.
Until next time
Stay safe

How To Be Self Reliant

Self Reliance: The ability to rely on one’s own judgement and abilities, to be able to make decisions without help from other people. Source.

People today are becoming more and more reliant on the government, the grid and, well everything to be there for them as and when they need it.

They worry about what others might think of them if they were to go against the grain or do something which they enjoy but their friends might not.

How many times have you heard someone complaining because “that thing” was either not there for them or not done fast enough for them.

“Oh this is just not good enough, you don’t understand, I wanted that thing and now, now you’re telling me I have to wait? Can’t you just have a look out the back for me”?

Yep, we have all heard it. So, how do you become more self reliant?

A good start would be by accepting that you are responsible for your own actions, things will go wrong and it’s up to you how you react to the situation. Remember that in old Norse society, a good reputation was earned if you worked hard, were reliable and able to think fast when the need arises.

Below I have given just a few things you should look into when starting to work on being more self reliant..

Acceptance of who you are, you should get to know your own strengths and weaknesses, then make a plan to lessen your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Work on being happy in your own company, become best friends with yourself.

Independent Thinking. This is when you decide whether you believe something to be true or not, don’t just accept what everyone else is saying just to fit in, do your own research and then make your own decision based on what you find.

Set your own values. Have your own standards and values and stick by them. Be courageous enough to stand up for what you believe to be true and have a good, well researched argument as to why it is true.

Set your own goals. Have a set of things that you want to achieve and a plan on how you intend to reach your goals and let nothing stand in your way, that being said, don’t be a dick about it.

Don’t be a dick! This is something which can trip a lot of people up. Accept that people may have different opinions than your own, it’s what makes life interesting. Not everyone will like you, in fact once you start becoming more self reliant you will probably find that some people will start to not like you, because you have your own mind and can’t be swayed by what others say.

Another way to be self reliant is to prepare for those situations which usually throw your life off tilt, even in the short term, things like a power outage or a burst pipe or even an accident. I will cover how to prepare for emergency situations at another time.

To end, the Nine Noble Virtues is an excellent source for those wanting to be more self reliant.

Remember.. The only person who can stop you from achieving your goals, is you.

Regards Jim.

The Seasons Are Out of Sync.

Yes, I admit I can be a bit of a conspiracy theory nut at times but this is am sure is not one of those times. I have been watching the seasons for years, watching when they start and when they end.

That is to say I have been watching for when the leaves start to fall from the trees in abundance, when the weather starts to cool diwn and when things start to warm up again.

When I was a kid going into early adulthood, things started to get cold and grey around the end of October, beginning of November.

December, January and February were silly cold and wet but around March time things started to warm up a again. Don’t get me wrong, it was still cold but the cold did not cut through you like a knife.

These days, I am sure that the seasons seem to have been delayed by at least a month. Now December is pretty warm but January, February and March are bitter cold with the warmer, more bearable weather not starting until mid to late April. It might just be me but it definitely feels as though the seasons are out of sync compared to how they used to be.

Of course this can be put down to global warming but to see such a change in one person’s life time is a bit worrying, if I can see the change in the time I have been a live, it’s scary what the seasons and weather patterns will be like in another 50 years.

Sad thing is, every year, when the warm weather does come back to the UK, I will start complaining about how hot it is and how I am looking forward to Autumn again.

How Is Paganism And Self Reliance Related?

In today’s post I want to talk a little bit about how being a pagan and self reliance or emergency preparedness are related.

To me You can’t be one without the other, especially if you happen to be a Norse Pagan or a Heathen, if you look at The Nine Noble Virtues of Norse Paganism, linked here. Near the bottom of the post you will see the Self Reliance part where I say..

Self Reliance:The thing about paganism, in particular Norse Paganism is that our gods are not there for you to bow down to or kneel in front of and beg for forgiveness. Our gods want you to stand up and be proud to say I can and will do this, I do not need to rely on anyone, no government, no people to get me by, I can and will do this myself”.

If I were to stop being a pagan tomorrow (which will never happen), the one thing that I can say that I have learned from following the Norse Gods, it is that a good reputation and honour are everything. The Norse people would say that being a hard worker, being able to think on your feet and a willingness to get shit done will gain you a good reputation and the respect of the Gods.

To loose ones honour or have doubt cast on your reputation was one of the worst thing that could happen.

We should also remember that to the old Norse people, family was everything. One of the main reasons the Norse people went on raising parties was to increase the wealth and stability of their families, the Norse even put family above the Gods, if my memory serves me right, it was Family, the Landvættir (land spirits), the ancestors and then the Gods.

With this in mind, it makes total sense, especially in this day and age to make sure you and your family are safe and ready for what ever life throws your way. We live in a very fragile world at the moment and to not be ready, is just, well, it’s not worth thinking about, it’s just silly.

To end, now that we have looked at what the link between the Norse faith and self reliance is, I would like to tell you that info plan to be writing articles and posts on emergency preparedness as well as Paganism in the future.

Take care of yourself and thank you..


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